Revealing Science


  1. Sky Gazing: Monthly overnight Skygazing shows have been arranged by ‘Sanshodhan’. Away from the light pollution of the city, Starry Sky from Western Ghats shows the deepness of our galaxy- milky way. overnight program includes introduction to the Rashi- Nakshatras and Constellations with green lazer, Slide shows about wonders in universe and developments in Astronomy by experts and beautiful view of objects like- Craters on Moon, Jupiter and its four satelllites, phase of venus, red planet- Mars, Saturn’s ring, Nebulae, Clusters, Galaxies through high resolution telescopes.csn-sky-gazing-8
  2. Birdwatching: Pune and surrounding is one of the best destinations for birding community in Maharshtra. Many local and migratory species of birds observed throughout the year. Bird watching sessions by Sanshodhan are arranged at Sinhagad valley, Pashan Lake, Tamhini, Kavdi and Bhigwan. Experts from Life Science guide the session about visible birds and their habitat. Birding guides, Binoculars, Telescopes, mobile camera mounts are provided to participants to capture the wonders in Nature. _mg_0771
  3. Mobile Science Centermsc-poster1-small
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